AmaZON Audible: Stories That Surround You


"Stories That Surround You" - The title pretty much says it all. Completed with the excellent team at Firstborn.

I joined the team as a Nuke compositor for the hero snow and hero battle shots.

Comp Team: Bruno Ferrari, Michael Garret, Tiffany Chung, Lee Towndrow
Matte Painting: Marco Iozzi
3D Team: Jordan Carrol, Jean Choi, Scott Denton
3D FX: Cassio Homa
Director/Designer: Jonathan Kim
Producer: Angela Foster


vfx Breakdown


VFX breakdown courtesy of the very talented artist and fellow compositor Bruno Ferrari. 
The portion I worked on is roughly between 24 - 47 seconds. 
Nuke Compositing
Snow Adventure wide shot: Lots of additional particles and color in comp.
Civil War side shot: Layering of Deep Composite smoke. Integration of CG smoke and Mist. Addition of bullet hits, falling debris, fire, and general mayhem!

Music: Utopia (instrumental) by YACHT (