Red Bull Music Academy: Detroit


Created at Passion Pictures NYC.

Led by Directors Pete Candeland and Sam Mason. A fun little spot paying homage to the early days of Detroit's electronic scene. What better way than a retro TR-909 landscape fly through?

Title: Red Bull Music Academy
Client: Red Bull
Agency: Mother NYC
Agency Producer: Kyle Wright
Production Company: Passion Pictures
Director: Pete Candeland
Producer: Belinda Blacklock/Eve Strickman
Co-Producer: Anna Lord
EP: Rich Rama
Co-Directors: Lee Gingold; Drew Lightfoot, Sam Mason, Borja Pena, Timothy Regan
Art Directors: Kim Dulaney, Quentin Vien, Blacknail, Borja Pena, Lee Gingold, Timothy Regan, Sam Mason
TD: Jacob Slutsky, Ted Kotsaftis, Jimmy Gass
Animation: Anderson Ko, Jason Vega, Chris Welsby
Editor: Marc Thomas, Lee Gingold
VFX supervisor: Neil Riley
Cg Co-Ordination UK: Jason Nicholas, Helen Lord
Designers: Gordon Waltho, Stephanie Davidson, Lee Gingold
Compositing: Fred Kim, Jason Conradt, Sam Mason, Jacob Slutsky, Ted Kotsaftis, Lee Gingold
Modelling: Andy Hara, Jonathan Kelly
Rigging: Jason Vega
Production Manager: Shannon Lewis