The Art of Patron


As per Partron Tequila:

A pioneering spirit has always been at the heart of Patrón Tequila. From the first days to becoming the world's most popular ultra-premium tequila, that hasn't changed. Now, we're using virtual reality technology to bring you a 360 view inside Hacienda Patrón, where that spirit lives and breathes daily. Experience Patrón like never before – through the eyes of our iconic bee. 



The above "Making Of" is courtesy of Bruno Ferrari, a fellow compositor on the spot.


Created at Firstborn.

A seamless 360 camera move between several different live action sets augmented with fully integrated cg assets. 10,000+ frames of stitched, tracked, retimed, cleaned (sort of), and comped VR love. The fantastic folks involved, staff and freelance, made what had at first seemed impossible a reality.
I joined the team as the Lead Nuke Compositor.

Agency: Firstborn

SVP, Executive Director: Crystinue Cho
VP, Content Development: Seth Tabor
Senior Producer: Laura Rosenblatt
Producer: Steve Cozzarelli
Post Producer: Erik Gullstrand
Producer: Jillian Likens
Creative Directors: Jonathan Kim & Cameron Templeton
CG/VFX Supervisor: Jay Harwood
Technical Director:Jordan Harvey
CG Artists: Ron White, Mike Bourbeau, Yun Chen, Michael Kuzmich, Kyle Anderson, Fausto Tejada, Jordan Blit, JC Cuadra, Isaiah Palmer, Anthony Patti
Lead Compositor: Jacob Slutsky
Compositors: Bruno Ferrari, Aaron Baker, Fred Kim, Jose Lopez, Greg Silverman, Aaron Kemnitzer
Senior Editor: Emily Sheskin

Production: a White Label S/R product
Director: Mark Kudsi
Executive Producer: Annique De Caestecker
HOP: Mari Geraci
Producer: Anna Joseph

Stereo Conversion: Legend 3D
Matt Ackey
Justin Denton

Music & Sound: Ant Food
Composer/Creative Director: Wilson Brown
Engineer/Composer: Charlie Van Kirk