The BEatles : words of love


The above is a 30 second clip.  See the full video here:


Created at Passion Pictures NYC.

Passion Pictures' creative director Pete Candeland and directors Lee Gingold and Giles Dill helmed this music video for The Beatles. It was a fun and challenging project. Although we were confronted with the many contraints of archival footage, the result really shows what's possible when you work with a great team of artists(see credits ;) ).

Director : Lee Gingold, Giles Dill
Creative Director : Pete Candeland
Production Company : Passion Pictures
Producer : Katrina Lofaro
Executive Producer : Belinda Blacklock
Lead Designer : Lindsey Mayer-Beug
Editor : Maria Diakova-Hassell
Director of Technology : Jacob Slutsky
Animation : Greg Lytle, Barbara Benas, Tim Beckhardt
Compositing : Jacob Slutsky, Chris West, Greg Lytle
Archive Footage : Bill Bryant
Storyboard Assistant : Nancy Chung
Production Assistant : Annie DiLorenzo, Zoe Muslim
Audio Mix : Giles Martin, Al Sirkett
Label : Universal Records, Apple Corps
Commissioner : Guy Hayden, Jonathan Clyde