The OA : Season 1


Another great collaboration with VFX Supervisor Doug Purver. Fellow VFX lead Carl Mok and I worked with a small group of very dedicated artists to craft the dream sequences in the first season of Netlix' "The OA".
The sequences to which I contributed specifically: The Infinite Star World (Lead:Carl), The Tundra (Lead: Me), and the Bridge Explosion(E01:wide shot).

VFX Supervisor: Doug Purver
VFX Lead: Carl Mok, Jacob Slutsky
3D: Jacob Slutsky, Carl Mok, Doug Purver
Nuke Compositing: Jacob Slutsky, Fred Kim, Bashir Hamid(sequence lead on van drowning in E01), Carl Mok, Doug Purver, Irene Park
Digital Matte Painting: Doug Purver